Announced! September's Readers

Saturday, Sept. 10th is our next show, and we'll really psyched to announce these three fantastic readers. (Oh, and did we mention there's gonna be a dance party following this show? A DANCE PARTY. I can't remember the last time I went to a dance party for grown-ups. So. Come to hear great stories of parenting adventure, share your own finest parental moments of glory, and then...shake that thing.) See ya there!

Elizabeth Lenhard is a mother of two children, an author of many novels for children and a media escort for mostly children’s authors. She is pretty much awash in children—and she likes it that way. She lives in Decatur (also awash in children) because it was the most-like-Stars-Hollow place she could find. 
At Tantrum 2.0, she’ll be talking about the constancy of worry. She thinks one reason that moment immediately after childbirth is so euphoric is that it’s a brief vacation between worrying about your fetus and worrying about your child. At that moment, all is perfect and you can just chill—before you realize that you suck at breastfeeding. 


Chris Alonzo is a writer/musician/producer whose plays and solo shows have been performed in New York City, Austin, Dallas, Auburn and Atlanta. He is former playwright fellow with New York Theatre Workshop, a producer of the Atlanta Fringe Festival, and a frequent performer at lit events around town including Write Club Atlanta and Scene/Song Missing. He has no chill.


Alayna Huft Tucker is a writer and stay-at-home mom living in Decatur, GA with her husband and three-year-old daughter Zinnia. Her work has been heard on WABE-Atlanta and has been published in The Five Hundred and Gutwrench Journal. She has been seen performing in such events as Write Club, Bleux Stockings Society, and Naked City and will take part in Transgression: Lost In Oz later this month as the iconic Dorothy Gale.