We know. It's tough to justify getting a sitter. This will be fully worth it.

...especially with our three stellar readers on Sat. July 16th. Come on out! Have a drink. Meet parent friends. And have some FUN.

July 16th Readers...

Laurel Snyder is a writer and a mom, and for the last ten years, she hasn't had time for much else. She's the author of many books for kids, most recently, Swan, the Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova. She lives in Ormewood Park.

Jamie Allen is the creator of The Squirrel Census (squirrelcensus.com). His writing has appeared in The Oxford AmericanMcSweeney's, The Missouri ReviewGrantland, and other places. He has two kids — a 17-year-old daughter who's headed to New York City for college, and a 14-year-old son who's starting high school. 

Rebecca Kaye is an education policy wonk and public servant by day and a frustrated creative by night (i.e. the tiny snippets of time she can catch between children, adulting, and sleep). Rebecca is passionate about public education, equity, living ITP, the interconnectedness of the Universe, and the transformative powers of bacon, diversity, stories, and women in music. She and her husband Michael live in Grant Park with their two future Maynard Jackson High School Jaguars, Elliott (Class of 2027) and Oscar (Class of 2030).