Episode 7: Chill Time is Officially Over.

"Parenting is never so simple as it appears in a Chevy Silverado commercial." This from Adult Swim's Matt Hutchinson, who parses the differences between TV-ad fatherhood and the real thing.

Matt tells the harrowing story of teaching his six-year-old to ride a bicycle, employing actual audio from the experience he recorded on-the-sly. It's painfully hilarious.

Also, it's not: Kate and Alison talk (briefly) about raising kids in a brave new world. Also, switch witches, shelf elves, AND…Tantrum goes where no parenting podcast has gone before….That's right, it's paternity test time for one of our readers. Tune in for the shocking conclusion.

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A joyful experience through and through.

A joyful experience through and through.